Team Info

Coach·John Agnew’s contact info: 848-8512 (home), 305-1999 (cell), or

 Team Web Site:
  • We will distribute most of the schedule and meet information via e-mail and this site.
 General Team Policy

·We expect our athletes to make responsible and mature decisions.  They should always ask themselves, "How will this behavior affect my race or practice?"  We expect them to make the right decision (i.e. no late nights out, avoid fast food, etc.)

·We expect our athletes to always display appropriate and classy behavior to their teammates, parents, coaches, competition, and others.  Any form of hazing to a team member will result in dismissal from the team. 

Your studies are the most important part of high school, always put them before running.  If students use their time wisely, they can do both academics and cross country.

All athletes are expected to have a positive attitude at practice.

No cell phones at practice or meets (except to call parents).

Varsity runners are not permitted to participate in intramural athletics.

All Practices are MANDATORY unless otherwise told. You are making a commitment to be on this team and are expected to be at every practice and stay the entire time.

·Most practices are after school from 3:45 to 5:45, but refer to the weekly e-mail schedules for times and locations.
Practice is never canceled; always report in.  We run in most types of weather and will have alternate activities for dangerous weather.

·If you absolutely have to miss practice, you must notify us one day in advance with an email to  This will be counted as an excused absence.  If you have more than one excused absence in a week you may not be allowed to compete in the next meet.  Excessive excused absences may result in removal from the team.

·If you have an unexcused absence from practice (no notification), you will not be allowed to compete in the next meet. If you have two unexcused absences during the season you will be dismissed from the team.

·If you are late to practice for any reason you must bring a note from the teacher you are working with.  Excessive lateness may result in not being allowed to compete in a meet.

·Injured athletes are expected to be at practice every day.  If you miss school due to illness, you are excused from practice.  

  • All runners must travel on the team bus.  Exceptions may be granted, but require approval by the head coach and alternative transportation must be by the athlete's own parent.
  • All athletes must wear Carroll CC gear while at meets (uniforms, team shirts, etc.)
 Varsity Letters
  • To earn a cross country varsity letter you must run in the varsity race at the league meet or in the state tournament, or run in the varsity (top 7) race for at least half the season's meets.  Seniors that have been on the team for three or four years will be awarded a letter; at the head coach’s discretion a deserving senior with less than three years may also be awarded a letter.