September 17, 2017

CCC: Sep 18 - 23


Great job Patriots, at yesterday's Friendship Invitational.  The course was a little tougher and the temps were warmer than we are used to (especially during the girl's race), so fast times were harder to come by.  We still had a few PRs and several results close to PRs.  I have attached the updated season results.  Based on that, the Beasts of the Week are:

Sara Ruetschle
Emma Hughes
Nikki Gazzerro
Oscar Campos
Colin Czyzak
Kevin Agnew
Daniel Kilby
Calvin Cusack

Congratulations and don't forget to pick up your Gatorade at practice.

We also raced well as a team with the girls finishing 15th out of 31 teams and our guys winning handily against the 25 team field.  This was their 5th victory out of our 6 meets so far!  Complete results are here:

Here is a link to a Dayton Daily News article on the guys' victory:

This week is our big meet - The Midwest Catholic Championships (MCC).  We will be preparing all week for a great showing on Saturday!

Unfortunately, they made Homecoming on the weekend of our event this year.  Regardless, our MCC Pasta dinner/dance on Friday evening is a CCC team function and all of our team members are required to be at the Kettering Middle School for the event from 5 - 8:30.  Our team will eat there at the pasta dinner and since it is a team fundraiser, we will collect the $5 fee from our team as well.  Also, plan to stay at the meet until 2:00 on Saturday to help with clean-up.  So don't schedule early hair appointments.

Here is the plan:

Mon Sep 18:  Carroll at 3:45 - 5:45.  
PARENT MEETING at 6:00 in the Carroll cafeteria.  All parents please try to attend!  There is a lot to organize and do for this event and we need everyone's help.

Tue Sep 19:  Carroll at 3:45 - 5:45

Wed Sep 20:  We will have practice at Indian Riffle Park
Meet at 3:15 to load the bus for Indian Riffle Park.  You can get picked up at the park at 6:00 or ride the bus back to Carroll, arriving around 6:15.

Thur Sep 21:  Carroll at 3:45 - 5:45

Fri Sep 22:  Carroll at 3:10 - 3:45.  Everyone should be at the Kettering Middle School cafeteria no later than 5:00.  Our team is the host and is responsible for welcoming the other teams and ensuring they have fun.  We will also have time slots assigned for our team to help with cleaning tables, etc during the night.  We will dismiss the team around 8:30, depending on when the other teams pack it up.

Everyone will go straight to Indian Riffle Park and we will meet at the back shelter.
7:45 - Meet at the back shelter
8:00 - Open 2 Mile (For our youth team 6th grade and under, parents, coaches, etc.)
8:20 - National Anthem and Prayer
8:30 - Girls MS 2 Mile (Our Middle School girls)
9:00 - Boys MS 2 Mile (Our Middle School boys)
9:30 - MS Awards Ceremony
9:45 - National Anthem and Prayer
10:00 - Women's Varsity 5K Race (Our top 10)
10:45 - Men's Varsity 5K Race (Our top 10)
11:30 - Women's Reserve (Our reserve women)
12:15 - Men's reserve (Our reserve men)
12:45 - Awards Ceremony
2:00 - Clean-up complete and everyone dismissed

Let's make CCC shine at our big event!