Cross Country Fundraiser – Scrip Gift Cards

Here is a simple, free way to help our team!  
Please invest about 15 minutes of your time and register with Scrip and start earning money for our team.

Scrips is a gift card program. The idea is that you buy gift cards and use them at stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc. The companies donate a certain percentage of each purchase to our team. They sell the traditional plastic gift cards, along with a "ScripsNow" e-gift card. To greatly simplify our management of this, we are only allowing the ScripsNow e-gift cards or “Reload” of existing plastic cards (we may consider a one-time purchase of plastic gift cards just before Christmas if there is enough interest). We are also requiring the payment be done through their online "PrestoPay".

My son's swim team uses this program and here are a couple of examples of how I have used the program. Our family was at Cheesecake Factory and so I checked online with my phone to see if they participated in Scrips and asked the waitress if they could use the e-gift bar code from my phone. They did, so I quickly bought $50 in e-gift cards and within a minute they were in my account. I used them to pay the bill after dinner and 5% ($2.50) was deposited into my Scrips account. You can also print out the certificate and present it to the store or restaurant. I have also used it on Amazon several times. I select my items and start checking out. When I see the total bill, I open up another webpage for Scrips and purchase that amount in e-gift cards. A minute later my e-gift card shows up in my account. I then cut and paste the gift card code into the amazon checkout and 3% of the amount gets deposited in my Scrips account.

As an additional incentive to use Scrips, we will allow each family to use up to 50% of their earnings for cross country purchases (t-shirts, jackets, State Camp, over-night trip, etc.)

Please enroll in Scrips. Go to: and click "Register" at the top right, then click “Join a Scrip Program”. Enter the Enrollment Code: 49CBED5B39746 and follow the instructions.

Once enrolled, click on "PrestoPay" and follow the directions to sign up. You will have to enter your bank account info. In a couple days, Scrips makes a couple of small deposits into your account. When you see them, you go back to the Scrip page and enter the amounts. You then receive an approval code via e-mail. You forward that code to me ( and I complete the enrollment. You can then buy ScripsNow e-gift cards or reload cards from hundreds of merchants and pay with PrestoPay in about a minute.

There will be nothing prohibiting you from ordering plastic cards or paying with a check, so please remember our rules:

- ScripsNow! Or “Reload” an existing card only

- Pay with PrestoPay only

Note that not all of the merchants offer ScripsNow, but almost 300 merchants do. Please review the list of merchants offering ScripsNow and remember to use Scrips when you shop or dine there.

Thank you for helping Carroll Cross Country!